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Factor Nine – The American Constitution Restoration Party

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Factor Nine

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About Your Guests

 Eric (Wolfbitn) Jewell: Eric Jewell worked US Army Intelligence in Central America during the Reagan Administration. After leaving the intelligence gig, and on through to the present day, he has worked toward educating those around him in regards to the blatant attacks upon the American constitution, personal liberty and the Nation’s prosperity. Eric is a researcher and writer. His fields of study include civics, current events, world politics, world history, Biblical history as in: the history of the Biblical manuscripts, church history, the history of the Jews, and world history going back to the Mesopotamians. He also studies cosmology, string theory, inflationary theory, and paleontology. Eric Jewell is the founder of The American Constitution Party.

Michael Wolf Heart Bayless is a member of the Lakota Nation and the Pikuni Blackfeet tribe. He is also German and French. Michael was born in Browning, Montana and reared in Southwest Detroit. Michael currently lives in Florida and has homes in New Mexico and Colorado. In 1984 he had to leave high school to help his single Mother put food on the table and did not return for further formal education. Michael is a professional bartender, fine dining waiter and cook. He has been an activist since 1997 and has worked with the American Indian Movement, The Strong Heart Warriors Society, The Leonard Peltier Offenses Defense Committee, Amnesty International among many other types of Human Rights Organizations. He no longer works for or supports any of the above organizations, except for The Strong Heart Warriors Society. He is an Oath-Keeper. Michael has managed a small patriot organization from 2011 through today. He is now a Constitutionalist as well s a chapter leader for Act For America, in Florida and New Mexico.
Michael believes the Constitution and The Bill of Rights are the only Law of America, He will defend those principals and our great nation from all enemies both foreign and domestic. Michael Wolf Heart Bayless is an officer of The American Constitution Party.

Marsha Karr is an account management specialist for a national mobile services company. She is a Master Gardner, Writer, Published Poet, Entertainer and Community Volunteer, 22 years with the Salvation Army. Marsha lends her time and assistance to several organizations that care for individuals with intellectual and developmental challenges. Marsha Karr is an officer of The American Constitution Restoration Party.