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Factor Nine / Cara St. Louis

Pamela Tartar / Cara St. Louis

Pamela Tartar / Cara St. Louis

Factor Nine

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About Your Guest

Cara St.Louis is a native of the Four Corners area of the United States, growing up mainly in New Mexico. She has been a writer all her life and has published many articles, written screenplays and has most recently written two novels, one of which is based very closely on both the death of her mother under mysterious circumstances and the reality of the aerosol war being waged against us. She has three grown children, is a Waldorf/Steiner teacher and now lives in London with her new husband. She is an interviewer and journalist in her own right, giving and conducting interviews all over Europe. Her new book, due out in about six months, covers social and cultural engineering and the reasons we have not thus far been able to save ourselves but the ways in which we most certainly can!

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Cara St. Louis is editor of a new E-Zine, Vortex: Conscious and Courageous.

Such luminaries as, Gilad Atzmon, Simon Ludgate, Maria Wheatley, Les Visible, Sofia Smallstorm, Harald Kautz-Vella, Joska Ramelow, Michael Tellinger, Cara St. Louis, Jerome Putney, Christy Antje, and Jack Heart are contributors.

Follow VORTEX on Facebook, Vortex: Conscious and Courageous, for the web address and date the E-Zine is available…the goal date is June 30, 2014.

THE SUN THIEF, authored by Cara St. Louis, is a novel based very closely on both the death of her Mother under mysterious circumstances and the reality of the aerosol war waged against us. Amazon offers THE SUN THIEF in paperback and kindle.

About Your Host

In my awareness, we are moving very rapidly toward Critical Mass.

The intensification of awareness and people becoming more conscious is so obvious to be almost palpable.

Many pieces of the puzzle are coming forward and fitting together to reveal our true state of affairs on our precious planet Earth.

This talk show will present information on what it means for Humanity to be in the time of Critical Mass and how we can take advantage of this tipping point to bring in the world of even more amazing beauty, balance and abundance that was originally ours by birthright!

My name is Pamela.  I am very happily married to David.  We have two dogs, Rembrandt and Vivaldi. They are our babies.  We do not have human children.

I am a serious student of metaphysics and for more than thirty five years, I have lived and taught actualization of potentiality.  My studies have included most of the major religions.  I choose not to be religious, choosing rather, spiritual awareness and consciousness.

My awareness is that I am a spirit being currently experiencing this planet in human form. Most religions teach being human is bad and sinful.  I totally reject this teaching and thought.  Being human is a good, awesome, and a wonderful honor.  Being human at this time and in this space is a huge privilege.  It has never been more important to awaken and integrate all parts of self than at this very moment.

Wholeness of being is my goal. We human beings are amazingly complex and beautiful.  As grandmother spider teaches us, touching one part of the web causes the entire web to move.  As we become aware in one part of self the web moves and other parts of self also awaken.

I am inviting you to join me in my talks, with the hope that you will find information you can use to aid in self awareness, integration and healing.