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Ingri Cassel / Contracts and Dangerous Medicine 1st

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Ingri Cassel & Al Whitney

Ingri Cassel & Al Whitney

Immunize Wizely

Contracts and Dangerous Medicine

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About Your Guest

Al Whitney

Al Whitney

AL Whitney lives in Central Ohio. She has a diverse background which includes health care, environmentalism, and community viability. She was a medical professional for many years and is married to a retired physician. In 2009, AL founded For Ohioans (now Parents Against Mandatory Vaccines) as a response to the bogus swine flu pandemic. Her research led her to discover that our so-called government is really a franchised network of corporate entities all listed on Dun and Bradstreet. ParentsAgainstMandatoryVaccines In 2010 after becoming aware of the massive amount of deception in our corporate political system she started hosting the AntiCorruption Soceity web site.  AntiCorruptionSociety Then, in 2011, AL founded People for Safe Technologies as a response to the growing threat of electro-magnetic radiation exposure. She lives within eyeshot of a cell phone tower that is located on the grounds of her community high school.  PeopleForSafeTechnologies Today, with the help from others, AL manages all three websites and is focused on educating people as to what our so-called government ‘really is’ (versus what we have been told) and what we can do to empower ourselves in our current system

About Your Host

Ingri Cassel

Ingri Cassel

Most people are taught from an early age that infectious diseases are scary and potentially deadly. We are also taught that smallpox and polio were virtually eradicated due to worldwide mass vaccination programs. Open your mind to relatively unknown medical history and discover “why” we have been lied to about how our bodies function and what conditions create dis-ease and optimal health. This radio show will cover a variety of topics with a focus on creating health and vitality as the only proven method of disease prevention. Exposing the vaccine paradigm and the fallacy of the germ theory of disease as well as breaking the stranglehold of allopathic mediSIN will also be discussed.



Ingri Cassel is the director of Vaccination Liberation, a national grassroots association dedicated to providing difficult to access information on vaccinations so that one can make the only truly informed choice, complete avoidance and refusal. Vaccination Liberation is an all volunteer association that was founded in 1998. You can visit their websites at www.VaccineTruth.com www.VaccineTruth.net and www.VacLib.org