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Sofia Smallstorm / Host Peter Klein 1st

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Peter Klein

Peter Klein


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The Mysterious and Untimely Death of Michael Cravey (Otherwise known as Thomas Brinkley)

Michael Cravey died on March 3rd as a result of multiple gun-shot wounds he suffered thanks to the Gainesville police department. The scenario described by the media was one of a mentally unstable man having snapped, leading to a stabbing, a car chase and crash and the charging of a police officer with a raised hatchet. No motive was offered.

The only problem is, Michael wouldn’t have done any of what they described according to numerous people who knew him well, myself included. Not only that, but his former girlfriend was receiving text messages from him throughout the period where he is reported to be either stabbing someone or involved in a high-speed chase. A full hour after the purported attack and car chase, Michael received a call from his brother who learned that he was in the drive-thru at McDonalds and had no knowledge of any attack or chase. It was upon his learning this that they quote his ominous response…”They’re setting me up. I need to figure this out.”

Join guest host, Peter Klein of Tyranny News Network as he pieces together this puzzle with show guest QKultra and with Michael’s former girlfriend. Let’s see to it that what happened to Michael be brought into the light and set the record straight.

Tyranny News Network  – Peter Klein: https://www.youtube.com/user/TyrannyNewsNetwork

Tyranny News Blog: http://tyrannynews.com/

QKultra YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/QKultra

About Your Guest host


Peter Klein is a self-styled journalist, sometimes podcast host, independent documentary producer, blogger and activist. Peter’s career barely hints at what have become his current interests. Those include revisiting and re-contextualizing history, making sense of social and political phenomenon and finding ways to share what he’s learned with others. Peter is from California, but currently resides in Lexington Kentucky.


The Conspiracy Theorist:


History isn’t about events of the past to be learned, but rather conspiracies to be uncovered. Peter isn’t ashamed to be labeled a Conspiracy Theorist, and chooses rather to think of himself as an Anti-Propagandist. As his understanding of the way things are has grown and become more refined, he only holds closer to the notion that conspiracies abound. They are, to him largely the result of an America that has grown to respect anonymous authority, to its peril.


The Social Media Personality:


Peter began his path toward independent journalism with a blog he never got around to promoting. It was always a work in progress. Once he made the switch to producing videos, mostly for YouTube things began to gel. Now, he operates the not insignificant YouTube Channel, Tyranny News Network where he regularly produces videos that either poke fun at the ludicrous nature of society or tackle the difficult subjects that he believes is a valuable exercise.